Product Spotlight: Fundingo Submission Wizard

Good dealmaking is not just knowing the terms and preparing good deals, but submitting them to the right people at the right time. If you can leverage all of your hard-earned knowledge to better tailor your deals to your recipients, then you are well ahead of the game. This is thinking behind our Fundingo Submission Wizard, which uses smart automation to create better and more targeted deals for Alternative Lenders.

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Sneak Peek

"Brokers have gotten a lot smarter over the last couple of years. I give them a lot credit in terms of figuring out what their niche is, what they’re good at and what the marketplace is. I think the first thing, which many of them do already, is get to know the lenders really well – so that they can tailor what they submit to each funding company appropriately. Secondly, and again, a lot of brokers do a great job with this, know who the client is or who the customer is that you’re sending to a funding company to make an offer."